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Param helps you take control over your subscriptions.

Keep track of all your subscriptions

Param brings all your subscriptions together in a single place so you never lose track of what you're paying for.

Some things you can do

Almost everyone now pays for services on a regular basis. Whether Spotify, Netflix, and Co. you quickly lose track of what you actually spend.

Create regular and one-time subscriptions

Enter the billing period to see the next payment date

160+ different currencies with the current exchange rate

Backup possibility (including Google Drive option)

Add important data for each subscription (description, the start of payment, Payment method, and notes)

Get started today

Signup now and take back control over your subscriptions.

Get insights of your costs

Get reports of your subscriptions to see were you are spending the most and how to improve.

Never pay for an unwanted subscription again

Param will remind you of upcoming payments before they hit your card so you're never caught off guard.

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Simple and Clean with awesome features and does exactly what I've been wanting to track my subscription spending. I also use it for my recurring savings transfers.

Cole R

I'm using this as a budget app and this is exactly what I needed in an app that shows my monthly expenses since most everything I have are subscriptions! Everything about this app is perfect - the layout, the ability to choose colors, the recurring monthly/weekly feature - and to see it all simply. Other apps have confusing layouts but this one is simple.

Elizabeth R.

Simple, effective overview of all subscriptions you have in different currencies that estimate and convert to YOUR currency to give you an idea of the total sum. You can add tags for different categories or payment methods. It's just all-round great at what it does!

Josefina F.

It just does what it is supposed to. Simple, modern, easy interface. Just perfect. I especially like that, I can give the price in any currency and it will convert it automatically.

Ervin L.

Simplified Pricing

Paying once a month is cool, but that yearly plan with 20% saving?

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